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Labbaik Tv
Labbaik Tv
Land:  Iran
Categorie: Algemeen
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Labbaik TV is a Pakistani channel, It is an Islamic channel, the first channel of Pakistan of its kind. Labbik TV is working under AKS Communication Private Limited.
Farsi1  Iran - Lokale TV
FARSI1 was launched on 1st August 2009. It is the first channel to offer quality, compelling entertainment programs dubbed in the Farsi language.

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IRIB 4  Iran - Algemeen
IRIB TV4 is one of the 32 national television channels in Iran. The IRIB channel started broadcasting shortly after Channel 3 went on air. The

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IRTV  Iran - Nieuws
Local Television

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Hispan TV  Iran - Algemeen
HispanTV, Persian is a Spanish language news channel operated by IRIB, Iran's state-owned public broadcasting corporation. It began

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Imam Hosein Tv  Iran - Algemeen
Based on the recommendations and guidance of the religious authority, grand Ayatollah Sayed Sadiq al-Husseini al-Shirazi the channel Imam Hussein was

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SAT 7 PARS  Iran - Algemeen
Through SAT-7 PARS Farsi-speaking Christians both within and outside Iran can share their faith with seekers and encourage their fellow believers.

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