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Al Baghdadia TV
Al Baghdadia TV
Land:  Irak
Categorie: Nieuws
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Al-Baghdadia TV is an independent Iraqi-owned Arabic-language satellite channel based in Cairo, Egypt. It is considered a Nationalistic channel of funding directly and only from the CEO. During the Iraqi insurgency, several prominent journalists with the station were murdered. More recently, Global TV Stations depend on Al Baghdadia for news coming from Iraq. It has a live morning show called 'Al Baghdadia Wa El Nas' which is a free show that allows Iraqis to give their opinion and to send a message to the government, this supports Iraqi democracy. The CEO of Al Baghdadia believes that democracy should be created by true Iraqis, not by force. The TV station is dubbed the name 'Umm al-Fuqarā' (The Mother of the Poor People). In 2012, Al-Baghdadia Media Group launches its second channel, B2, broadcasting mainly series, drama, movies and entertainment. since then Al Baghdadia 2 is first entertainment channel in Iraq,
Al Iraqiya Sports  Irak - Sport
Al Iraqiya (Arabic: العراقيّة‎‎ al-ʿIrāqiyyä) is a satellite and terrestrial public broadcaster and television network in Iraq that was set up

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Speda TV  Irak - Religie
Speda TV, Kurdistan, Iraq.

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TV Alsam  Irak - Algemeen
TV Alsam provide news programs directly and diverse cultural, religious, political, and social programs, recreational, children and other programs.

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Hawler TV  Irak - Algemeen
Local Tv

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Al Sharqiya TV | تلفزيون الشرقية  Irak - Nieuws
قناة تلفزيونية عراقية فضائية تبث على مدار الساعة تغطي اخبار العراق والعالم بالاضافة لبث العديد من البرامج والمسلسلات والافلام.

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قناة الحوار - Alhiwar TV  Irak - Algemeen
قناة الحوار هي خدمة إعلامية عربية تسعى للمساهمة في بناء غد أفضل للمجتمعات العربية... وهي صوتٌ للعرب في المهجر وجسر للتواصل بين العرب وبقية الشعوب

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