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Altarek TV
Altarek TV
Land:  Verenigde Staten
Categorie: Religie
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Altarek or ATV Sat is a Christian TV channel. With the mission to spread the message of Christ to the whole world through the media. The channel also has the mission to stand up for the rights of Christians.
BYUtv  Verenigde Staten - Religie
BYU Television is a television channel, founded in 2000, operated and funded by Brigham Young University.

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DoD News Channel  Verenigde Staten - Lokale TV
DoD News Channel was a television channel broadcasting military news and information for the 2.6 million members of the U.S. Armed Forces. It was

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LLBN  Verenigde Staten - Religie
Loma Linda Broadcasting Network is a non-profit, community and variety television, Christian broadcasting network in Loma Linda, California founded

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KCLV Channel 2  Verenigde Staten - Algemeen
KCLV Channel 2 is the City of Las Vegas's Television station. The government access channel provides high quality programming 24-hours a day,

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WVVH Hamptons TV  Verenigde Staten - Algemeen
WVVH-CD is a Class A low-power television station in East Hampton (town), New York, broadcasting locally on channel 50. WVVH-CD is owned by Video

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16 WAPT  Verenigde Staten - Weer
With its first broadcast in October 1970, WAPT became Jackson's first ABC affiliate. Today, the station features four daily newscasts and boasts

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