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KurdMax TV
KurdMax TV
Land:  Koerdistan
Categorie: Vermaak
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Kurdmax TV owned, operated and managed by EDICOO group, is a Kurdish/Erbil based Television channel broadcasting under The KRG-Ministry of Culture licenses to audiences in the Iraq, some part of Europe and the Middle East, transmitting from Nilesat 104A satellite. Kurdmax TV pushes the boundaries of Kurdish speaking TV with intriguing, entertaining and thought attractive programming. Kurdmax TV Since its launch in July 2012, Kurdmax TV has changed the face of Kurdish language broadcasting and has raised the bar for existing and future television channels.
Ashur TV  Koerdistan - Algemeen
Ashur TV is an Assyrian-based satellite television channel that is affiliated with the Assyrian Democratic Movement political party.

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Kurd1 TV  Koerdistan - Algemeen
Kurd1 Channel was an independent Kurdish satellite channel broadcasting from France. Its European studios were based in France, Germany and

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Kurdsat TV  Koerdistan - Algemeen
Kurdsat Broadcasting Corporation (Kurdish: کوردسات‎ Kurdsat) is the second Kurdish language satellite television station in Iraqi Kurdistan, has been

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KNN Channel  Koerdistan - Algemeen
KNN (Kurdish News Network) was founded in 2008 as a subsidiary of the Wusha Corporation, an independent Kurdish media group, and first started

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Speda TV  Koerdistan - Religie
Speda TV or Sepideh TV is an Islamic TV channel.

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Kirkuk TV  Koerdistan - Algemeen
Kirkuk TV is a TV channel based in the city Kirkuk, in the Iraqi governorate of Kirkuk.

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